About Us

About Us

At boOm, we provide a holistic and engaging workout in an unintimidating environment. Come experience the fun and art of boxing, or the benefit of functional training – or both – whether or not you’ve had prior experience with any of this! And even if you do have experience, our workouts are by no means easy.

Since its inception in ancient times, boxing has grown in popularity worldwide. In addition to being a prominent and highly televised sport, it also offers a rigorous workout for those less inclined to become the next Muhammad Ali. We respect the rigor and discipline of boxing and use these as the building blocks of our BoomBox program, to which we add complementary functional training elements, allowing you to develop strength and agility in all major muscle groups.

If boxing really isn’t for you, don’t worry, we offer BoomCIRCUIT and boOmCAMP to focus on functional movements, strength training and endurance work.

Our Philosophy

  • Safety is Paramount

    At boOm, we advocate that a good workout needs to be safe. Our instructors pay special attention to form, and stress quality of reps over quantity. Take the workout at your own pace and listen to what your body needs.

  • Inclusivity & Diversity

    All our workouts can be suitable for you regardless of fitness background, or where you are in your fitness journey. We are all about bringing different people into the same space, where they share a common goal of doing something good and productive for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never participated in a group class or if you just can’t live without them, we’d happily welcome you to join us. Our workouts are only as hard as you make them!

  • Relish the Present

    We can’t change the past or control the future. When you come for a class, focus on what you can do within the four walls, focus on the present – perhaps you can will some strength during this time that you can take with you to get you through the rest of your day or week.

Our Facilities

Our boOm space at 62 Cecil Street houses a spacious studio for our signature 45-minute BoomBox classes, and another for our 10-pax-max BoomCIRCUIT classes or one-on-one/small group (up to 4 persons) personal training sessions.

During our BoomBox classes, every person is provided their own boxing bag and weight station, so everything you need for a holistic workout will be at your fingertips. During our BoomCIRCUIT classes, you’ll be assigned a station to start with and you move around the circuit as time progresses.

We provide shower and changing facilities on premises, stocked with those crucial amenities you’d need to get prepped and primped for any occasion – be it a long work day, a night out with friends, your first date, a weekend brunch, or a head-straight-home-netflix-and-chill type of night, we’ve got your back!

Our space at 79 Anson Road is within the Core Collective premises. Core Collective is a collaborative fitness & wellness community and co-working center, where we run classes in the BOOM ROOM on a permanent basis.