Our signature BoomBox class is a 45-minute class that balances cardio and strength exercises. You spend some time hitting the bag, and some time working with weights. It is varied enough that you won’t even realize 45-minutes have just passed you by.

It is a 45-minute class that has you moving through various stations, incorporating high intensity intervals with functional movements. These stations may include but are not limited to, dumbbell work, kettlebell work, bodyweight exercises, rowing, assault bike, barbell exercises and more. The stations may vary from class to class and the workout is sure to keep you on your toes.

Gym clothes and gym shoes – most importantly you should be comfortable and ready to work up a sweat!

If you have your own pair of gloves, please do bring them along!

We are currently offering glove rental at just $2 a class or back-to-back classes. Gloves are used a maximum of once per day and are sanitized with 70% Isopropyl and left to dry under UV-C light after each use.

Please bring your own pair of wraps, or purchase a pair from us at $10 a pair (for you to take home).

No experience is necessary. We advocate that you have to find your own pace here at boOm, and that the workout is as hard as you make it, hence the program is suitable for both novices and fitness enthusiasts!

If you have specific concerns, feel free to sound them out to our instructors. They will be happy to suggest how you may alter your workout to suit your experience level.

Your fitness journey has to start somewhere, so why not here at boOm?

Our classes are designed to be balanced and to challenge individuals both in cardiovascular health and muscular strength. Some of the benefits include increased muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and weight loss.

If you are running late, please give our studio a call prior, so we will know to expect you. However, if you arrive more than 5 minutes after the scheduled class time you will not be allowed to join the class, and your class will be forfeited. If this is your first time attending a boOm class, no latecomers will be allowed in, so we recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes early if it is your first time.

You can cancel your booking with no penalty up till 12 hours before the scheduled class time. If you cancel your class within 12 hours of the class time, your class will be forfeited.