Pocket Rocket

If you’re good friends with Alexis, you’re bound to get one of her many “HEY, LET’S WORKOUT TOGETHER TOMORROW!” texts (and very likely get persuaded to sign some random studio package with her).

Alexis always loves looking for new activities to try – she’s been a cheerleader, rock climber and a cross country runner. Right now, she’s working on her flexibility with yoga and exploring the fascinating world of calisthenics. On a day to day basis, she’ll be lifting weights – no days off at the gym! She might be tiny but you will be surprised at how much she can lift.

Other than working out, you can find Alexis intently reading novels (it’s terribly hard to get her attention when her head is stuck in a book), playing Sudoku on her phone or having a delicious cup of tea and toast at her favourite local breakfast cafe.