Assault Bike Advocate

Bryan Tan (aka B-Tan, not to be confused with head honcho – Bryan Tay) stumbled upon the boutique fitness scene in the middle of 2018 when he was bored of just going to the gym or his neighbourhood pull-up bar. Enthralled by the lights, music, and general good vibes of fitness classes, he was instantly hooked. boOm quickly became a regular workout spot for him, and he hopes to give back the same motivation he received in classes.

Bryan’s only form of cardio in the past was running – which he loves – believing few things in life can match a ‘runner’s high’. That was until he met his favourite worst nightmare – the Assault Bike. A recurring question Bryan asks himself is how does the Assault Bike make him feel dead but alive at the same time. To pursue his quest in finding that answer, don’t blame him for pushing you that bit harder on the bike!

Besides trying to squeeze workouts into an unpredictable work schedule, Bryan unwinds through Youtube (love that Recommendations algorithm), globetrotting, and searching for the best tomato-based pasta in the world.