Closet Party Animal

Sports have always played a huge role in Celynn’s life – from being an athlete playing American Flag Football in school to now frequenting various fitness studios ever since she joined the corporate world. Of course, despite her busy corporate job working for a bank, Celynn in her activewear isn’t a difficult sight to spot.

In 2018, Celynn started to diversify her workouts more. Apart from having a go at the gym, she started incorporating barre, boxing and HIIT sessions into her regular routine, where she fell in love with the latter at boOm (understandably). When Celynn isn’t sweating it out in the studio, she’s probably just out filling her tummy with yummy food (let’s face it, how can you call yourself Singaporean, and not relate?).

Having studied in the UK, Celynn had the opportunity to visit a number of cities surrounding it – but London has always remained her absolute favourite. Besides her appreciation for the ridiculously good food, what drew her in was how eclectic the city is, with so much to offer for anyone – much like boOm – a community for everyone. She’ll admit though that English weather is something she does not miss, and much rather topical, sunny Singapore.

She lives and breathes the saying – no pain, no gain – so don’t let her bashful demeanour before and after class fool you, she’s one heck of a motivator during class. You’d better be prepared to get pushed to your limit during her adrenaline-filled classes, she won’t settle for anything less!