EDM Junkie

“Sunshine and rainbows in human form.” – that’s what Esther’s friends would say about her. Perpetually high on life with a bubbly personality, Esther enjoys getting to know new people and making personal connections, so you can rest assured that you’re going to feel right at home in her class.

A circuit with Esther will give you the same adrenaline and fun as hitting the dance floor. She curates awesome playlists that she can’t help busting a move to every now and then, infecting those around her with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Esther enjoys taking vlogs on her travels because it’s the most fun way of capturing memories for her. However, no one has ever seen these vlogs because she’s too embarrassed to show them to anyone. She’s totally in her element when she’s in front of an audience, but her mind goes completely blank when she has to speak in front of a camera.

When she’s not in the gym, you can find her checking out the latest museum exhibitions, or trying out the newest salted egg yolk creation in Singapore. Hit her up if you need any recommendations on good EDM tracks!