Queen of Spreadsheets

After series of yo-yo diets and weight fluctuations, Joween decided to stop restricting her diet and to focus on cultivating a more active lifestyle. It was then that she started training for and participating in half-marathons and found it to be very rewarding. The mind is one’s most powerful weapon; nothing can stop anyone with a determined will from achieving any goal. And that is what Joween most strongly believes in.

She also started investing more time and effort into weight training and subsequently grew to also love high intensity interval training (HIIT) type workouts. And now, she does a little bit of everything from spin to jogging, barre, yoga, pilates, functional training and circuit training! With her varied workouts and new-found active lifestyle, she can enjoy her one true love – pastries – guilt free. We know some of you can relate 😉

Having the opportunity to teach is a dream come true for Joween. She has always wondered how meaningful it would be if she could share her experiences, struggles, knowledge and enthusiasm with others and she finally has the chance.

When she’s not busy trying a new workout, or teaching, she’s planning her next vacation down to the minute with a trusty spreadsheet. Joween isn’t just fit, she’s unbelievably organised and also an accounting whiz. Feel free to ask her for advice when you head for class!