Bull Terrier Mom

An awkward introvert growing up, Natalie almost withdrew her university application when she found out there was a compulsory public speaking module in her freshman year. Four years later, she now finds herself teaching at boOm and interviewing people from all walks of life during her day job as a journalist. Exploring the local fitness scene back in 2018 had definitely edged her out of her shell – apart from working on her personal fitness during boxing, spin and circuit classes, chatting with complete strangers (mostly about cute activewear) before class is almost a skill on its own!

Natalie believes that everyone is a work in progress, regardless of their fitness levels. There’s always a heavier weight to lift; there’s always room to go a little faster on the rowers. At boOm, she hopes to empower people to believe in what their bodies can achieve (things are always ten times scarier in your head) with hard work and consistency.

When Natalie is not busy coming up with more burpee variations, she’s probably out walking her two bull terriers, Stinky and Sam, or planning her next trip to Bali.