“I love Stout & Whiskey”

Nicole failed the NAPFA (Fitness) test when she was 10 years old because she could only do 2 sit-ups. When she entered secondary school, she decided to challenge herself – her fitness capability, in particular – and joined the school’s Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) team. Determined not to be a burden to the team, she picked up running weekly to make sure her fitness was of decent level.

Fast forward the many years of living, Nicole participated in Wushu for 6 years – throughout secondary school and junior college. Despite abandoning her martial arts’ root, she has always stayed true to running. Today, Nicole has travelled to Gold Coast and Cambodia for races (next up, Chicago!). It remains her outlet for stress and a constant happy pill!

BoOm is one of the first few boutique gyms (and most favourite-st) that got her started in functional fitness and strength training. Besides pushing her athletic performance, Nicole’s journey with BoOm and functional training has been a rewarding self-discovery. Come join Nicole at BoOm today!