Cheesecake Enthusiast

A goofy free-spirit and who craves adventure, Ria spent a good 5 months exploring Tasmania after graduation from NTU. Even after her “foray” into the land Down Under and a 6-month stint at The Travel Intern that brought her to 6 countries, she’s nowhere near done. She harbours dreams of being a nomad, hopping from one continent to the next, in search for her next adventure.

Growing up, she’s always been active in school – netball, dance (Yeah, IKR?), martial arts, dabbling in field hockey, windsurfing, wakeboarding, basketball, touch rugby, track, diving you name it she’s tried it (or tried trying it). But these days, she sticks to riding a bike that goes nowhere – spin; hitting a bag of water suspended from the ceiling (boxing); and anything that lets her indulge her bottomless pit.

Despite being surrounded by sports all her life, she never expected to end up in fitness. In fact, if a particular email would have been sent just 3 days later, life would have turned out very different for Ria. A. Whole. Lot. Greener. Majulah, Singapura! 😉