Dwayne Johnson’s #1 Fan

A crazy Disney fan, dessert monster, Potterhead, Dwayne Johnson’s other half & burpee lover.

Introverted by nature, Sophie was always active but afraid of the attention. Did sports since young, and even did dance (ballet, tap, chinese dance & hip hop) for a good 14 years. You may notice how she is always someone cheerful and talkative but usually, she’s more chill, loves to rewatch Disney movies and indulge in desserts to satisfy her sweet tooth cravings.

Funny thing was, she was active but… didn’t like to do Hiit, run or do strength training until JC when she started running everyday (due to a running bet with her friend) and hasn’t looked back since! Incorporating fitness into her lifestyle has changed who is she is now and never did she expect to end up doing fitness on the side and being able to motivate others as an instructor!

When not teaching or working, Sophie loves to either recharge at home with her doggos, workout with friends or go to the beach to chill, tan and of course… eat desserts.