That Cat Lady

Steph used to be a complete cardio-only bunny, doing hour long runs on a daily basis since she turned 16. It wasn’t until she moved to Melbourne for university where she joined a gym and learned to incorporate weight training into her fitness regime, and has been doing so since then! Now she can’t get enough of boxing (naturally), HIIT and strength-based workouts, and can’t go a day without doing at least one – except on Sundays… Sundays are for catnaps and Netflix!

Not too long ago, Steph decided to leave the corporate world after 4 years and dived straight into the fitness industry, where her true passion lies. It was the most natural step to take since working out was the one thing she woke up for every day, and kept her happy. Today she aims to rid people (especially ladies) of the mindset that lifting a weight heavier than a potato will make you bulky, so expect her to push you to your limits in class!