Bargain Hunter

It’s crazy to think that just two years back, Tiff struggled to get through a single burpee. Although fitness has always been a part of her life, she used to focus more on running and cardiovascular activities.

Then came the advent of Singapore’s burgeoning boutique fitness and group class scene, which unveiled a whole new world of fitness options (cue “A Whole New World”). Aside from physical progress, Tiff was able to benefit from the mental tenacity that these classes instilled.

Tiff believes being mobile and physically independent are two factors crucial for a good quality of life, which is why the incorporation of functional fitness into one’s exercise routine is important. She’s also a stickler for doing things right – she would rather do 10 reps right than 20 reps wrong!

When she’s not helping you grow your muscles in the studio, you’ll find her helping her peers in the tourism industry grow their minds.

In her free time, she enjoys saying “Hi” to random dogs on the street. No pets are safe from her pats. She dreams of owning a beagle, daschund, and corgi one day. Tiff is also a professional Taobao shopper. It’s very likely that the leggings you see on her only cost $20.