Our Workouts

boOm is a functional fitness brand that centers its programming around inclusivity and accessibility. All our classes are multi-level, so you can find someone working out like a beast next to you, or someone taking their time as they work out for the first time in years.

All the workout programs we offer balance cardio elements with strength training sets, so you get the most out of the 45 minutes you spend with us. We believe that with the scalability and well-roundedness of our workouts, and the encouraging atmosphere we provide, people from all walks of life, and fitness backgrounds can benefit from the workout.

It is our vision that by bringing all these people together in one space, we can learn from one another, share experiences and build connections, whether fitness related or otherwise.




A round-based cardio and resistance workout comprising heavy bag work, shadow boxing, strength and conditioning and HIIT elements that is going to keep you on your toes and never bored.




BoomBuild is a 45-minute strength and endurance based class which utilises bodyweight movements, free-weights and cardiovascular equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. BoomBuild consists of 3 programs: Endurance, Strength & Power, giving you a holistic approach to getting you to your goals.




BoomCamp is a 40-minute circuit training class, that uses weights and some machines like air bikes and Ski ERGs, perfect for shredding calories, and developing both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. The program features medium interval-based functional movements aimed to target every major muscle group. (features machines and weights)